Our goal is to take YOU from Dealing with a Diagnosis to Delivery of the Optimal Protocol for you and yours to THRiiiVE!!!

    We have been working almost non-stop since 2002 (Dana - & 2007 as a group of TOP doctors dedicated to this goal (!!!

THRiiiVE Mission:

Site Objective:

           We want to inspire you into recognizing that we have been...investigating so that you can           move straight into implementation!!!

            Top Doctors from around the world have been collaborating since 2007!     We have been coming to consensus on many of the things you would spend your time researching...

                                      as if you have it to spend!!!

            We aspire to SAVE you TIME & MONEY!

Lack of SUN & Connection to EARTH...

Electrosmog & Stressors!!!

Lack of PLEASURE & Positive Interactions

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt reviewing and CHANGING this "DIG OUT of Trouble Diagram" @ 2:21:

@ 2:42:20 Dr Dietrich Klinghardt discusses my "works in progress" Detox Prototocol Troubleshooting Diagram:

          Do not skip these three videos and then you are ready to scroll down this page!

            This website is in the process of being relaunched and only contains a fraction of what we have come to consensus on.

Link to THRiiiVE Summit #13:

               & THRiiiVE Summit #12:, investigation & implementation!!!

THRiiiVE Top Ten To Do for less than $100

“We’re all in this Together!”